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David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Fri Oct 19 13:25:43 EDT 2012

The problem with Idiom Press seems to be that they periodically go into 
some kind of coma as far as customer response is concerned.  It doesn't 
take much searching through reflector archives and eHam.net postings to 
see that the problem has come and gone repeatedly over most of the last 
decade.  Check for yourself if you don't believe me.  You can even find 
public apologies from their ownership explaining some issue and 
promising better support ... but it doesn't seem to hold up.  Idiom 
Press and ICE seem to be the two worst offenders in the ham radio arena 
for periodic bad customer responsiveness.

By the way, I have next to zero faith in the majority of eHam.net 
reviews.  Below average products often get rated a 5 and rarely is there 
any kind of objective comparison to anything  ... specs or other 
products.  But one day a couple of years ago I waded through a ton of 
reviews to see what caused people to give ratings of 1 or 0 for various 
products.  Invariably those low ratings were given for poor customer 
service ... sometimes for slow delivery but way more often for simple 
lack of communication.

Hams in general turn out to be pretty tolerant of marginal quality 
products (at least if they don't break), but they are almost rabidly 
intolerant of being left in the dark.  Why any entity serving the ham 
radio market hasn't figured that out by now is beyond me.

Dave   AB7E

On 10/18/2012 10:32 PM, somata90924 at mypacks.net wrote:
> I have delt with them and NEVER had an issue
> Joe w6vnr,,aka zf2ah

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>> About a year ago last August, I ordered a K-5 keyer from Idiom Press. I too received a very nice and prompt email thanking me for my business. I don't recall exactly when I got my keyer, but it was at least a month and a half after I had ordered it. Contacting the company was a HUGE problem - call after call after call with no answer or email as to where my keyer was. Eventually I had to open up a Skype account to call the company - that was the winner. A year later, I am pleased with my keyer, but I wouldn't order anything from Idiom that I didn't need a couple months out.
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>> Mike
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