[CQ-Contest] Idiom Press

Tom W8JI w8ji at w8ji.com
Fri Oct 19 14:51:29 EDT 2012

> By the way, I have next to zero faith in the majority of eHam.net reviews. 
> Below average products often get rated a 5 and rarely is there any kind of 
> objective comparison to anything  ... specs or other products.  But one 
> day a couple of years ago I waded through a ton of reviews to see what 
> caused people to give ratings of 1 or 0 for various products.  Invariably 
> those low ratings were given for poor customer service ... sometimes for 
> slow delivery but way more often for simple lack of communication.

I watch eHam reviews and have noted the same thing........... plus other 

Something that really has no ill effect can skew a review to a low number, 
and things complex to install or use can get a bad review, and often 
shipping damage is attributed to product design.

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