[CQ-Contest] Status of getscores.org?

Rudy Bakalov r_bakalov at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 09:01:25 EDT 2012

getscores.org adds a completely new dimension to contesting- the fun of real-time contesting.  In addition, getscores.org motivates individuals and teams to do better and try harder to outrun or catch up with the leader.

For example, during CQWW RTTY, the W1UE @ K1LZ (M/S) team decided to compete with K1SFA @ K1TTT (M/M) on the basis of multipliers.  We not only had a blast, but also worked so much harder! Have had the same experience on quite a few occasions at K1TTT.

IMHO, the more contesters do real-time posting, the more fun the contest will be for all participants. I bet scores will go up, records will be broken, and the publishers will have more to write about.

Rudy N2WQ

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