[CQ-Contest] Status of getscores.org?

Kim Östman kim.ostman at tut.fi
Mon Oct 22 12:20:56 EDT 2012


Rudy N2WQ wrote: 

"IMHO, the more contesters do real-time posting, the more fun the contest
will be for all participants. I bet scores will go up, records will be
broken, and the publishers will have more to write about."

I very much echo Rudy's sentiment. I started using cqcontest.ru this year,
and it's been a blast. The score visualization and analysis tools are also
very good. 

Cqcontest.ru was also used officially for real-time scoring in the
Scandinavian Activity Contest's "National Team Contesting Trial"
(http://www.sactest.net/blog/sac-2012-national-team-contesting-trial/) this
year. In addition to the scores, the site has the ability to embed
audio+video streams from the stations. 

The comments regarding the trial have been very positive. Hopefully these
kinds of real-time features will become more popular, because they add a
whole new social dimension to the contest experience.


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