[CQ-Contest] Status of getscores.org?

Rudy Bakalov r_bakalov at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 16:59:42 EDT 2012

Perhaps these sites can implement contest-specific, club-specific, etc. approach to branding so that there is more encouragement coming from sponsors or grass-root organizations. For example, getscores.org/cqww will properly display the results using the existing look and feel of the CQ brand. Such implementations are trivial using open source platforms, such as WordPress, and CSS "skins"

To push the idea even further, how about two-way integration with N1MM and other loggers where the contest info window not only shows your score, but also displays ranking based on the data submitted to the site. The opportunities for fun are endless!

Rudy N2WQ

 From: Kim Östman <kim.ostman at tut.fi>
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Sent: Monday, October 22, 2012 12:20 PM
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Status of getscores.org?
Cqcontest.ru was also used officially for real-time scoring in the
Scandinavian Activity Contest's "National Team Contesting Trial"
(http://www.sactest.net/blog/sac-2012-national-team-contesting-trial/) this
year. In addition to the scores, the site has the ability to embed
audio+video streams from the stations. 

The comments regarding the trial have been very positive. Hopefully these
kinds of real-time features will become more popular, because they add a
whole new social dimension to the contest experience.


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