[CQ-Contest] Bob Cox, K3EST, Retires as CQWW Contest Director

Luc Moreira py8azt at dxbrasil.net
Fri Sep 7 11:39:06 EDT 2012

The Contest Committee Member list is public on cqww.com, but I learned here
on CQ-Contest that the  "DX Advisers" are listed among Contest Committee
members and you can not tell who is or who is not member indeed.

BTW, Bob Cox deserves thanks for all that he did to our contest community.
CQWW CC should disclose the facts and what is happening.

I hope this CC crisis didn't take the fun of the greatest competition on
the calendar.

73, Luc
PW7T Team member
WRTC.2006 Brazilian Referee
WRTC.2010 Brazilian Team Leader
PY8AZT (also PT7AG, R37U, ZY7C, PX8C, ZZ8Z)
LABRE, ARRL, CWJF & Fortaleza DX Group Member

2012/9/7 Pete Smith N4ZR <n4zr at contesting.com>

> OK, I just plain screwed up.  I had the mistaken impression that
> membership in the group was unpublicized.
> I do think that the point on transparency is a good one, though - witness
> the consternation about this year's results.  Right now, CQWW needs an
> explainer-in-chief.

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