[CQ-Contest] Suggestions

Yuri ve3dz at rigexpert.net
Thu Sep 13 11:24:43 EDT 2012

A list of "wishes" to the new CQ WW DX CW and SSB Contest director.

For the top scorers only (the operator or the team of operators who think they MIGHT BE in Top 5 in their respective categories).

1. The Operators or the Teams who think they will be competing for the TOP FIVE in their categories, should announce the category of their choice (also - Power Limit for LP category) to the CQ WW CC no later than one day BEFORE the Contest starts, and then they can't change it. 
Exceptions: the category may be changed to SO Assisted or M/S (for SO) or M/2 or M/M (for M/S) category, or M/M (for M/S), or LP can change it HP later. But not otherwise.

2. The Log submission deadline is 2 days after the end of the Contest, or 3 days after the end of the Contest for rare DXpedtitions (determined by the CQ WW CC in advance).

3. Audio recording of the whole contest operation is mandatory and the recording is to be presented to CQ WW CC no later than 7 days after the end of the Contest, unless it's been already done by the CQ WW CC using SDR.

4. The video recording of your whole operation is very desirable. Video may be requested by CQ WW CC if necessary. This should apply mostly to SOAB HP, SOAB LP and M/S categories, as being the most controversial. 

Would be interesting to know the thoughts of the Top Contesters on this. 
This *DOES NOT* apply to they guys "operating for fun", or to "a guy and his radio" etc.

This is MY opinion only, I don't represent any club or organization.

Thank you for reading.


Yuri  VE3DZ

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