[CQ-Contest] Suggestions

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Thu Sep 13 20:05:09 EDT 2012

Hans stated "While every contester, in his own mind, is a "top contester,"
99% of those top contesters know that realistically they are not going to be
in the world top 10 in CQWW. If a contester thinks they might be World top
10, and that wouldn't affect more than 20 or so entrants, the ideas are not
unreasonable, outrageous or Draconian, given the potential to almost
eliminate concerns about cheating among top scorers, evidently one in
particular, but you really can't require something of one top entrant that
isn't required of all top entrants. 

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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