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If what you say is more or less the general consensus, then it strikes me as
a pretty sad commentary... 

Specifically, that those generally accepted as the World Top 10 (or Top 20
or Top 50) contesters / contest teams in the given categories are cheats
until proven otherwise.

It also strikes me that Yuri's suggestions are indeed draconian, and that
they be (at least initially, though I suspect that they wouldn't stay that
way for long) limited only to the "top" or potential "top" scores is
irrelevant.  Further, with the current advances in technology that have been
talked about already on this and other reflectors, they may be obsolete or
redundant long before they could be reasonably implemented.

Most importantly, it ultimately doesn't matter how many rules you write or
how much you try to "tighten" them -- if they are not enforced.  Enforce the
rules on the books now, then we can talk about what rules need to be
straightened.  Otherwise, if the rules aren't enforced, the cheaters will
continue to get away with it, whereas the honest contester or contest
operator who tries to honor the rules is the one hamstrung.

73, ron w3wn

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Hans stated "While every contester, in his own mind, is a "top contester,"
99% of those top contesters know that realistically they are not going to be
in the world top 10 in CQWW. If a contester thinks they might be World top
10, and that wouldn't affect more than 20 or so entrants, the ideas are not
unreasonable, outrageous or Draconian, given the potential to almost
eliminate concerns about cheating among top scorers, evidently one in
particular, but you really can't require something of one top entrant that
isn't required of all top entrants. 

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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