[CQ-Contest] Suggestions not to the next CQWW Contest Director butto

Edward Sawyer SawyerEd at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 14 06:44:06 EDT 2012

I think it is a good idea to get some opinion on the table for the next CQ
WW Director.  Unlike Yuri, I disagree with cranking down more than already
suggested.  I propose enforcing the tools already available that Jose
demonstrates and "drop the hammer.publicly.on the cheaters".  Instead of
giving people an easy out when caught, make the log submission and category
selection final.  No changes..no negotiations when caught.  Just public DQ.


Then, find a good example using Jose's method.  Show the log submitted
(already available), the found evidence on the SDR (already available), and
"out the cheater".  This convincing evidence will "scare the crap" out of
virtually everyone contemplating a number of the cheating concerns posted
(skimmer, cluster, 2 signals, changing callsigns received).


It still leaves excess power and nap coverage on the table.  But very simply
deals with the rest of it, and is not draconian.  USE AND ENFORCE WHAT WE


If we still have major concerns AFTER doing that, then consider going to the
next level for the top competed categories.  But one step at a time with
what we have.




Ed  N1UR (If anyone wants to come to my place and check me out
unannounced.feel free)

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