[CQ-Contest] Yuri's suggestions

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Fri Sep 14 07:15:31 EDT 2012

As usual, I am expressing MY OWN opinion and this should not be construed as representative
of the opinion of any other group or committee.  Just mine.  I am paraphrasing Yuri's points.

1. *Pre-announce your category of entry.*  Why?  You want to avoid "fishing for a certificate?"
Who cares?  Also, if someone has big plans and something goes wrong (an amplifier blows up
before the contest, some antennas fail, a tower comes down) why should the entrant then
not be able to get on during the contest and be as competitive as they can they be using
whatever equipment is left?  Maybe some of their Operators were not able to arrive on time,
so they change from M/M to M/S.  Who cares?  I am not being rhetorical, I would like to know
"who" cares and "why" they care?

2.*Log submission deadline is 2 days.*  It was just shortened to 5 days.  What difference
is there between 2 and 5?  If someone wanted to cheat, all they have to do is hire 6 other
operators to review their recorded contest effort.  So for a 48 hour contest, the entire log
could be reviewed in 8 hours.  In 2 days (your new deadline), the full log could be reviewed six

As CT1BOH suggests, it might be far more successful to have a voluntary, gentleman's
agreement to submit the log within one hour after the contest.

However, even that (alone) is not foolproof.  If we go back to the "hired guns" scenario, 
these hired guns could start reviewing the log in REAL TIME.  So by the end of the contest,
the log is still reviewed many times.

This is why the new CQWW RULES specify no post contest log/call changes and even specifies
HOW that will be enforced.  All call corrections must be made in REAL TIME and will be verified
by using the committee's SDR files.

3. *Audio recording of the whole contest operation is mandatory.*   
Anyone who has their heart set on cheating will simply modify the file prior to submission. 
That is just TOO easy!  Why would a cheater suddenly be honest with the submitted file?

4. *Video recording of your whole operation is very desirable* I have no comment.

de Doug KR2Q

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