[CQ-Contest] Marathon Cheating - N2IC post: WOW

Mladen Bogdanov mladenbogdanov at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 04:27:03 EDT 2012

Why don't you tell us what actually happened with 4O3A,CR6K,ER4A....in CQWWCW '11 results?
I'm personaly not interested of any 'marathon cheating',and perhaps majority on the list!?
We don't need examples anymore!
This conspiracy of silence wouldn't help...on the contrary!
73,Mladen YT6W

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Marathon Cheating - N2IC post: WOW
Thanks for the link Steve.  WOW.

So here is a guy who cheats on an unimaginable scale, even inventing his own (phantom)
"contest" so he can win and with a great time.

What reward?

Let this be a lesson to those who think that the cheaters "suffer" a hollow victory.  WRONG.
Those who massively cheat are THRILLED not only to "win," but even more so to have "gotten
away with it."  

It just depends on the culture and individual mind set.  If you hate cheaters, then you probably
cannot begin to imagine what "thrill" the cheaters have...no "hollow victory" no "regrets," no
nothing but joy....they "beat the man."  No manner of condemnation or insult will matter.  Just
DQ them, or better yet, don't even work them.

de Doug KR2Q
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