[CQ-Contest] shack table height - optimal for CW contesting?

Charles Harpole hs0zcw at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 19:43:45 EDT 2012

The standard is called Typing Height to use because likely you will have a
keyboard on the main table surface.  This link gives you a chart to go with
your body height.  http://www.upenn.edu/almanac/v45/n10/ergonomics.html

I studied this matter and built my operating table in accord.  I used a
kitchen cabinet surface as the main surface, which has a rolled front edge
and is easy to clean.  Choose cream color, not blinding white.  I have 4 X
4 inch posts as legs and 2 X 4s as cross supports, including a double run
in the lower rear to hold a power supply shelf below the main surface.  My
secret weapon for heat is the use of the plastic covered wire mesh grating
that is sold for bedroom closet shelving.  It is super strong and yet will
allow air to flow easily thru the rear of my main surface, and the two
upper shelves.  I used 1.5 inch steel angle iron to strengthen the front
and back of the two upper shelves and tied them vertically together in the
horizontal middle with threaded rod which makes fine leveling easy.

The whole table is AC powered via a DPST strong breaker mounted in a box on
the rear (lower front is better) and my family is trained to turn that off
in the event of an emergency.

My chair is a $400 Steelcase posture chair that is adjustable many ways and
a whole lot better than a kitchen chair.  That is my smartest investment in
ham radio!

GL, Charly HS0ZCW

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 9:29 PM, Jeff Blaine <jeff at ac0c.com> wrote:

> Ergonomics question.  Optimal table height?
> I’ve always had shack tables made from whatever I had around.  But this
> time I’m building up a table and can pick the height.  Of course it depends
> on what chair you set in, and your body, etc.  But I wonder if guys had a
> particular preference or range.
> Thanks!
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