[CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules

Yuri ve3dz at rigexpert.net
Tue Jun 4 10:15:46 EDT 2013

you quoted W3WN's post but didn't answer his question.
Your post only shows that there is absolutely no mechanism of how to enforce 
this rule, though it was introduced 4 years ago.

"Don't worry, guys! The rule is in place for 4 years, it until today nobody 
was punished for not abiding by this rule."

So, what is the point of having a rule which can not be enforced?

If some station "ABC1CBA" all of a sudden appears in the Contest and throws 
in tremendous score, how in the world the CQ WW Committee is going to check 
if everything was fair?


Yuri  VE3DZ

> Everyone has been able to operate for the last 4 years under this rule
> without any concern.
> What it shows me is that no one has paid much attention to the rules until
> the current proposed re-write has been made public.
> Exactly as I expected.
> W5OV

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