[CQ-Contest] Preserving QSLS Question

Dan Violette danki6x at socal.rr.com
Mon Jun 10 23:18:18 EDT 2013

"QSL Pocket Binders" in GOOGLE found many.  Example:

"QSL Card Holders" might work too.  I forget the name that used to have all
types 15+ years ago.

Dan, KI6X

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Over the years, I have collected hundreds of contest and special event
certificates. I found a source of 3-ring plastic jackets and was able to
place them in 3-ring binders. Much easier to keep them neatly stored. I was
wondering if anyone knows of a similar source of plastic jackets/pockets
that can be put in 3-ring binders for qsl cards...maybe 6 to a page? I have
a large collection of qsl pockets that could be displayed on a wall. That is
not what I am looking for. Anyone have some ideas?

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