[CQ-Contest] IG9/IH9

fabio.grisafi at libero.it fabio.grisafi at libero.it
Mon Jun 17 10:37:18 EDT 2013

Dear felow contesters, dear Randy,
I think that the rules are redundant in a part, the following:

C. Multiplier: There are two types of multipliers. 
1. Zone: A multiplier of one (1) for each different CQ Zone contacted on each band. The 
CQ Worked All Zones rules are the standard.
2. Country: A multiplier of one (1) for each different country contacted on each band. 
The DXCC entity list, Worked All Europe (WAE) multiplier list plus IG9/IH9, and WAC boundaries are standards. Maritime mobile stations count only for a zone multiplier. 
IG9/IH9 are not a special addendum.
In fact, IG9/IH9 (Paelagian Islands and Pantelleria) are not Europe, so they are not in the WAE list.Italy, of course is Europe, except IH9/IG9, and Italy is in the WAE list, so Italy is a multiplier becauseit is in the WAE list (If you work a IG9 station and you submit that QSL for WAE it doesn't count for it because it is notan european station).
IG9/IH9 are Italy and Africa zone 33 and they count as DXCC Italy.
It is the same for TA1 (European Turkey that is a multiplier because it is in the WAE list) and the rest of Turkey that is in Asia, and counts because it is a DXCC entity.
I am sure that if proportions were bigger, everybody would understand easily. 
My best regards,
Fabio - IT9GSF.

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