[CQ-Contest] Remote

PA5MW, Mark pa5mw at home.nl
Wed Jun 19 10:59:36 EDT 2013

Sorry Tom,

But 'the opponents' are not amused by being accused of being jealous or 
anything like that.

Again, for the record; I very much respect all the work and effort done 
for enabling a remote HF station.
I understand what it serves, especially for those who during the week 
suffer from a small lot, hampered by noise, antena restrictions 
etc..etc.. I would do the same. But for the HF contest weekend: get your 
butt over there and put it in the seat.

Funny(not) that *our* opponents have a hard time accepting that other 
people think different and share their opinion.

73 Mark, PA5MW

On 18-6-2013 21:10, N1MM wrote:
> The opponents don't want some well-heeled guy buying an oceanfront 
> lot, building a big contest station and beating the locals. People 
> don't like carpetbaggers.  That's about it.
> 73,
> Tom - N1MM

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