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It is impossible to reason with anyone who does not have a semblance of 
common sense.

They are so wrapped up in their tiny ball of me, myself and I, that they are 
incapable of looking at the whole picture and applying the same criteria to 
all facets of the hobby.

It really does smack me up the side of the face to know that the nearly 40 
years I have dedicated to the repeater and remote base facet of 'ham radio' 
have been all for naught because it is not 'ham radio communication'.

Yep, to apply their criteria moon bounce 'ham radio communication' is not 
amateur radio because the moon was not installed by amateurs; nor do amateur 
constructed satellites provide 'ham radio communications' because hams did 
not construct and launch the rockets propelling the satellites to orbit. 
And don't you dare make that keying line or microphone cable longer than 6 
feet; or heaven forbid long enough to allow you to 'REMOTE CONTROL' your 
shack mounted transceiver from the luxury of the recliner in the family room 
or living room.  Because that just isn't 'ham radio communication' if you 
can't see the dial and touch the knobs.

Freedom of expression and speech is a God given right while the use of that 
right to belittle another person for their exercise of the same right is NOT 
a right.

The end requirement is the understanding that LIFE ISN'T FAIR, and never 
will be.  Human beings are individuals with the God given ability to think 
for themselves, reason with the best knowledge they have attained in life, 
and make decisions for what they perceive as their best interest.  But they 
do NOT have a right to infringe on the same right of their fellow beings.

To all, express your opinion and the reasons you believe so, but don't beat 
the other person over the head because he doesn't agree with you.

Mis dos centavos.  73 de

Milt, N5IA

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So where your butt sits determines if it is ham radio?

I really don't understand those that want to limit the participation in
contests.  Are we not better off with more people contesting than less?
I think so.  Running remote places most at a disadvantage.    What is it
about remote operation that scares you?

What if I can't drive myself to the station because I am recovering from
an illness or a myriad of other reasons.  Under your rules I am out of

Remote operating is going to open the world of HF and contesting to many
that have never had that option before.

Repeaters is not Ham Radio and to think I thought I had heard it all.

Mike W0MU

On 6/19/2013 8:59 AM, PA5MW, Mark wrote:
> Sorry Tom,
> But 'the opponents' are not amused by being accused of being jealous or 
> anything like that.
> Again, for the record; I very much respect all the work and effort done 
> for enabling a remote HF station.
> I understand what it serves, especially for those who during the week 
> suffer from a small lot, hampered by noise, antena restrictions etc..etc.. 
> I would do the same. But for the HF contest weekend: get your butt over 
> there and put it in the seat.
> Funny(not) that *our* opponents have a hard time accepting that other 
> people think different and share their opinion.
> 73 Mark, PA5MW
> On 18-6-2013 21:10, N1MM wrote:
>> The opponents don't want some well-heeled guy buying an oceanfront lot, 
>> building a big contest station and beating the locals. People don't like 
>> carpetbaggers.  That's about it.
>> 73,
>> Tom - N1MM

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