[CQ-Contest] Remote, apples and oranges

Vladimir Sidarau vs_otw at rogers.com
Fri Jun 21 15:50:34 EDT 2013

1. Apples (in your homeland).
You have problems with location, antenna restrictions, you travel across the
country and stay away from your beloved station for too long, etc. In order
to find a solution and stay on the air, you build a nice remote-controllable
station in the country side on a top of a hill and run it from a condo or a

Your activity is subject to the domestic law. 

2. Oranges (in a beautiful sunny place in another country). 
You build a remote station at a sunny location (abroad) for contesting. 

Your activity is subject to the international law. It might be extended
worldwide agreements or reciprocal country-to-country agreements. 

The (1) above is perfectly fine. The (2) above is not that clear, so far I
am not aware of any reciprocal or extended international agreement on this.
None. Please correct me if I am wrong. 

And finally, discussing the (2) using arguments from (1) is not quite
appropriate. Or is it?


Vladimir VE3IAE


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