[CQ-Contest] "Virtually there"

Felipe J. Hernández np4zet at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 18:20:50 EDT 2013

I think the discussions here are really about how we adapting to technology.

All of those threads that people get so tired about, have to do with
technology and how we are letting the "machines" rule our hobby" UBN's
remotes, SCP, Reverse Beacon
sdr post contest analisys have all to do with the same.

Just this Field Day, we ran a centralized "vmware" enabled server for our
running our virtual desktops from the same server and not worrying about
"synching" the log.

This happened on a very simple server and at the beach!!
Guess what?  we where logging with our Ipad's and Minis and if you could
only see the face of the newcomers as we where logging with the Ipad... and
Some OLD timers started using them as well.

 If you ask me except for a few still resisting, we are doing great as a
hobby in terms of adopting cutting edge Technology and being current with
it. And remember those who consider  themselves too old for technology,
just a few years ago you where considered geeks by all your friends and

And talking about not using cliches, I just cant avoid it...
everywhere you go particularly in business school everyone says, "Those who
don't adopt technology dissapear."



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