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Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Mon Jun 24 09:46:51 EDT 2013

Agree 100% Felipe -- I ran N1MM in Vritualbox on my Mac Mini, with USB to
my K3.  I had this displayed on a 31" HD monitor in the tent..  I had RBN
with the map showing where we were being heard, and my SDR-IQ connected to
SDR-Radio showing a nice bandmap.  I even brought it up on my tablet and
sent it around to the stations running CW -- everyone got a great kick out
of it.  (Our tents were networked with Wifi with my access point connected
to my 4G hotspot.)

I ran a 3L wire beam on 40... played nicely and was a lot of fun doing
radio  mixed with technology.   Ending up with 1100Qs, which was fine,
though I thought activity was down.

73,  Gerry W1VE (@ K1BKE 4a)

On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 6:20 PM, Felipe J. Hernández <np4zet at gmail.com>wrote:

> I think the discussions here are really about how we adapting to
> technology.
> All of those threads that people get so tired about, have to do with
> technology and how we are letting the "machines" rule our hobby" UBN's
> remotes, SCP, Reverse Beacon
> sdr post contest analisys have all to do with the same.
> Just this Field Day, we ran a centralized "vmware" enabled server for our
> N1MM
> running our virtual desktops from the same server and not worrying about
> "synching" the log.
> This happened on a very simple server and at the beach!!
> Guess what?  we where logging with our Ipad's and Minis and if you could
> only see the face of the newcomers as we where logging with the Ipad... and
> Some OLD timers started using them as well.
>  If you ask me except for a few still resisting, we are doing great as a
> hobby in terms of adopting cutting edge Technology and being current with
> it. And remember those who consider  themselves too old for technology,
> just a few years ago you where considered geeks by all your friends and
> Family..
> And talking about not using cliches, I just cant avoid it...
> everywhere you go particularly in business school everyone says, "Those who
> don't adopt technology dissapear."
> 73's
> Felipe
> NP4Z
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