[CQ-Contest] WRTC-2014 Qualification Standings - Updated

k1to at aol.com k1to at aol.com
Fri Mar 1 13:26:07 EST 2013

Official results have been recently posted for two more WRTC-2014 qualifying events.  Updated WRTC-2014 Event Scores are now posted at 


- Results from the  2012 All Asian DX CW and SSB contests were applied

- 25 scores for WPX CW 2012 were adjusted after KE3X's score was moved from NA3 to NA4E

- 2 scores for WPX SSB 2011 were adjusted.  The op of KZ9O was KB9OWD, not K9ZO.  

Official results for 46 of the 55 qualifying events are now included and over 27,500 different operators have submitted scores in those events.  8 qualifying events have taken place for which official results are not yet available. 

Many Selection Area races are coming down to the wire and this weekend is the very last qualifying event -- ARRL DX SSB!  Look at the races in NA2, NA3, NA4E, EU1, EU2, EU5, EU6 and SA1 in particular!  wrtc-rank.com is another good resource to use in viewing these tight races.  

We will soon switch our attention to determining the Team Leaders, their Team Mates, and the pool of Referees.  Look for announcements in the next few months.  Just over 16 months are left until WRTC-2014!  

GL & 73, Dan, K1TO 
WRTC-2014 Team Selection Director


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