[CQ-Contest] Summarizing the Skimmer Accuracy Thread

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Sun Mar 3 11:37:54 EST 2013

S56A continued:

> VR2BG wrote: I still find it interesting that on WEEKDAYS, I found so many
> SECOND), on either another frequency on the same band, or on another band
> altogether, than where other skimmers were spotting that call.
> Brett, could you provide few examples?  I spent few hours with Excell using
> 150K QSOs from Tue. Feb. 26th.  I spoted few wrong close freqs but the other
> bands were present mainly on rare DX when they moved.  It took me a long
> time to learn stacked IFs in Excell semantics J

Instead of nightmare nested-IFs in a spreadsheet, use a database 
application Marijan.  Also, I don't know if is still the case with later 
versions of Excel, but as I recall the one I have maxes out at 64k, so 
is not possible to work with all the data from a day.

On 2013-02-26, from a quick glance I see DF5WBA at 09:36:30 said to be 
on 3538.6 by EI6KH & 14039 by UA4NE.  At 06:30:51 DL1LH was said to be 
on 7034.4 by LA1QDA & 3510.5 by G0KTN.  EA6NB was said to be on 7007, 
7036.6, 7062.5 & 7073.5 at 06:34:44 by K2DB.  At 05:10:24 K2DB said F5IN 
was on 7052.5 whilst W2RDX had him on 7014.

> I hope there are no evil peope sending false spots!


Not on RBN.  Is all to do with the various spurious responses of the 
receivers.  Skimmer doesn't know any better & simply spots what it hears.

73, ex-VR2BG/p.

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