[CQ-Contest] Some positives / HS0ZCW

Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Tue Mar 5 00:30:11 EST 2013

>Ditto I am up to my ears with 3 or 4 people talking about how (NOT) to
cheat. I do recall ham radio being a hobby..

It takes little oil to pollute a whole water reservoir, so ask any small
cycling club how cheating (=doping and its accompanying lies and even more
lies) in professional cycling did damage even at the "lowest" level. Without
basic confidence in the integrity of the competetive part of the hobby
(contesting is NOT a sport) it gets much more difficult to advocate and
defend it in our "Always look at the bright side of life"-style (to quote
Monthy Python).
73, Chris (DL8MBS)

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