[CQ-Contest] Some positives / HS0ZCW

Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Tue Mar 5 10:21:12 EST 2013

Hi Jukka,
(not sure whether first post made it through)
basic point why it is (for me) not a sport: Sticking to the rules in central
points is "only" up to the honour of participants. In boxing competitor´s
weight is measured to have them in the correct category, motorcycles are
grouped into categories by ccm, which can be controlled by inspectors on the
competition site (and especially finnish car-racing fans may remember the
sometimes so called "Schummel-Schumi" from DL in Formula 1...).
We don´t have that possibility especially with power - and I´m not sure
whether we want to have teams measuring field strenghts etc. on site...

Many other aspects you describe like the points of HS0CZW are shared by most
of us, including me, not only to escape a finnish interrogation (please
elaborate on a different place about...). They are fascinating and
satisfying enough to pursuit the "competetive part" of the hobby in the many
intense ways we know and which can be claimed as a psychiatrist´s  case.
Talking from qrp perspective: It is not necessary to be crazy to contest
(with qrp), but it helps very much.

But for being a real sport it misses this basic aspect of control (and it is
against all experience that an intense competetition is not accompanied by
efforts to cheat). So there is only Sisiphuses work to keep confidence at
least as high as possible (=higher than in professional cycling), means also
talking about cheating.

Best 73, Chris (DL8MBS)

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