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Tue Mar 5 10:44:58 EST 2013

I have one dictionary with the first definition of sport  as:
any activity or experience that gives enjoyment and recreation; pastime;  
That can cover a lot of territory, although your  mileage may vary.  I 
usually describe ham radio contests to my  civilian friends as competitions, and 
serious ones based on the time and  money you can devote to it.  My litany 
goes like:
-They are among the largest competitive events in the  world.
-Every entrant can (potentially) interact with every other  entrant and to 
their mutual benefit.  Small players as are  important as big ones.
-Some people spend enormous amounts of money and time to  compete.  Maybe 
not quite like big time auto racing, but in that  direction.
-And to really get their attention: WE HAVE CHEATING  SCANDALS!  That adds 
great legitimacy.
And, Jukka, I'd rather suffer a Finnish inquisition than  some of the 
others I've heard of.  Sweating it out in a sauna?
Kermit, AB1J
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jpklemola at gmail.com writes:

You set a completely new ball up in the air.

You  set a claim contesting is not a sport.

Can you please elaborate a  little?
-not a sport on mental side ?
-not a sport on physical side  ?
-no fatigue factors resolving the better in the competitions ?
-no  skill factors involved ?
-no personal development factors involved  ?
-development of related technologies are irrelevant ?

Or what do  you mean?

As Monty himself could put it: You did not expect a  Finnish inquisition .. 

Jukka  OH6LI

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