[CQ-Contest] New rally frequencies for NA Sprint SSB

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Sun Mar 17 08:42:26 EDT 2013

OK let's just call them rednecks.  Since some of the social issue  
discussions could be characterized that way
The experiment worked to some degree last night.
I didn't venture far above 3800 since that is agricultural specialist  
territory, and most others didn't either, so that worekd great with everyone  
around 3740 and up to around 3810.
40 was a different story.  The specialists are packed into  7175-7200.  
Almost all Qs I made on 40 were 7200 and up.  The guys on  7175-7200 are very 
defensive of the freqs at all times...even during  DXpeditions, rare ones and 
major contests like SS.  They are also prone to  screw with you if you get 
anywhere near their freqs.
Bill K4XS
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Ibelieve  one needs to give a bit more time before "arbitrarily" changing  
recommended operating frequencies.  Tonight I found folks mostly  between 
7200 and 7260 KHz, a few lower in frequency on 40.  On 80 the  band was 
"sporadically" crowded between about 3800 and 3860, with a few  folks 
operating below 3800

I personally agree that moving to  thefrequencies mentioned below are 
"reasonable." But I resemble the  "derogatory put down" of our fellow 
hams who make their living raising  swine and other food.   Whilst no one 
"owns" afrequency, people  who choose to operate on anyfrequency or range 
of frequencies have just as  much right to operate on those frequencies 
as do contest operators.   If others are in contact with their friends, 
or even with a casual "new"  contact, thisis perfectly legal.

Lettuce not caste aspersions at our  fellow hams, their vocations, nor 
they choice of operating times and  frequencies.  None of us "own" any 
frequency. Plus, if farmers didn't  choose toraise food for us, we'd all 
be spending much times in gardens  and/or foraging for food.

72/73 de n8xx Hg
QRP >99.44% of the  time

p.s. I grew up infarming country, did my share of tending crops  and 
feeding chickens, goats, swine, and cattle in my elementary and high  
school days.I fondly remember the "shack" @ WØIAY, a ham friend a few  
miles from where we lived in SE Nebraska.   His station was on  the back 
porch of his farm house, which he had enclosed. It contained a  home brew 
KW AM transmitter, "breadboard style construction" inside a 8' x  10' 
room which was entirely enclosed with copper screening. The reddish  glow 
ofthe plates of the pair 304-TL's, modulated by a pair of 304-TH's,  and 
the blue glowfrom the 872 Mercury Vapor rectifiers are still fondly  
remembered inthe grey matterbetween my ears.  Theglow would vary in  
brightness and intensity with modulation peaks.....  Ah! fond  memories.

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> Date: Fri, 15  Mar 2013 22:45:32 -0700
> From: Ken  Keeler<kenkeeler at jazznut.com>
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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] New rally  frequencies for NA Sprint SSB
> The published rally frequencies  are out-dated and 'stupid', given the 
new allocations on 40m and  80m.
> In talking with KW8N during the Sprint practice tonite,  he mentioned a 
movement back east to move the frequencies to:
>  80m:  3760 to 3810, but avoiding the DX window of 3790-3800.
>  40m:  7150 to 7200.
> These frequencies include General  Class ops.
> Why steer activity into Pig Farmer frequencies on  75m, and broadcast 
carriers above 7200?
> Contest managers need  to think about this, both Sprints and NAQPs, even 
> So let's  do this on Saturday, and comment on it in your 3830 posts.
>  N6RO
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