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Mon Mar 18 17:56:07 EDT 2013


For any contest sponsor to reject a log, even one that is late is just as
meaningless as not submitting a log. To properly cross-check logs, as many
logs as can be collected are necessary.

What contests have rejected a late log from you?

I believe that for a time, the CQWW reported that your submission was late
back to you in the confirmation email, but your log would still have been
accepted. I think that a change was made and the robot no longer bothers
to report "lateness".


> Bob said:  If anything, submit your log as a CHECKLOG as a protest.
> Bob, I have submitted a couple logs late, simply missing the deadline not
> as a protest, only to have the log rejected. So which contests accept
> check logs? From my personal experience, it appears that some contest
> robots do not accept late logs. I had that happen to me recently, I forget
> which contest, I deleted the return email that said my log was rejected
> for being late.
> Why not accept the log, put it in a check log repository, and send a
> response of "sorry you missed the deadline but your log has been accepted
> as a check log"?
> Or is this already done but the sender is not aware of it?
> Saying that checklogs are accepted, apparently is not always true.
> Thanks
> 73 Scott W2LC
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