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JIM NEIGER n6tj at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 19 00:59:04 EDT 2013

With all due respect, one might reasonably ask as to why such an asinine 
survey is even contemplated if someone did not already have a canned a 
priori  result in mind and seeking a one size fits all solution.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a 
duck..................it's probably a duck.

If one sincerely wanted to improve the CQ WW and CQ WPX contests, they would 
address the abhorrent 1 point 2 point 3 point dance that's a throwback to AM 
phone, no transceive on CW, no SSB, contesting years.  (I remember, I was 
there).  Solving that would truly open-up DXpeditions to the Caribbean 
Islands and re-ignite JA and middle east Asia enthusiasm.  (Shame on me to 
actually suggest something that might be a plus to contest activity and real 
DXing, rather than having to rely on someone else to find your DX for you 
and copy their call for you.)

Another way to go back to real men operating skills, let's convert  these 
contests into the NA SPRINT format -- for 48 hours.  You call CQ, you give 
up your frequency and QSY at least 5 kcs. before the next CQ.   I don't 
think packet, skimmer and RBN crutches will do too well in that format and 
if the goal here is solely to eliminate packet cheaters, umm, I think that 
might work.   Anyone here ready to MAN-UP for something like this?

So very sadly, today's Generation X has no clue on how to operate, and it 
shows.  Oh boy, skimmer.  Let's see how good ZD8LID really  is:  we will all 
be S-5 and zero beat on his signal.  Good luck on getting ZD8LID active in 
your next contest.  But hey, look at all the new "operators" we've brought 
into contesting.  Oh boy..............

Sadly, what my classmate @ NYU opined fifty years ago:  "If you don't have 
enough on the ball, get a smaller ball" has become the reality.

Vy 73,

Jim Neiger  N6TJ  ZD8LID

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To members of the Bruised Egos & Assisted Sucks Club,

A few facts:

1) The distribution of the CQWW survey did not include a devious strategy
to exclude you. Randy used the WW email list from his received logs
database.  Advice: Stop whining, get over yourself, take a breath and just 
the  #$*&%% survey if it still bothers you. Many, many thousands have been
received so far. This channel feels like the Geritol Net at times. Any other
check-ins? Call now...

2) It is a major leap of faith to assume a rules decision has already been
made because someone asks a question in a single survey. After taking the
recommended breath above, please take another one.

W2LC mentioned that very few new contesters read this site. Frankly, I
don't blame them based on what I've been reading of late. It's just a 
but how about posting some useful information about contesting  -- maybe
just once in a while?

73, John, K1AR
Your friendly co-moderator

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