[CQ-Contest] CQWW Survey

Glenn Wyant va3dx at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 19 08:08:05 EDT 2013

I  now realize from the postings on this reflector that

I am not a real DX'er
I am not a real contester

The problem is that I casually enter the contest , I use
the cluster network, and I generally only make around 1,000
qsos.. I do submit my logs .. ( as assisted )

I thought that even my few qsos might promote the contest,
I never thought that my efforts would be regarded as those
of an inferior ham , ( just because the cluster was on here ).

Recent postings have convinced me , that running assisted is
regarded as a undesireable in the contesting genre. Until I dump
the cluster I will never gain any respect from the so-called
elite members of the non-assisted club.

Nevertheless I will carry on , enjoying the hobby in my way,
even though I will be a Cluster scumbag in some folks views.

Glenn VA3DX

From: "JIM NEIGER"  Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CQWW Survey

> With all due respect, one might reasonably ask as to why such an asinine 
> survey is even contemplated if someone did not already have a canned a 
> priori  result in mind and seeking a one size fits all solution.
> If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a 
> duck..................it's probably a duck.
> If one sincerely wanted to improve the CQ WW and CQ WPX contests, they 
> would address the abhorrent 1 point 2 point 3 point dance that's a 
> throwback to AM phone, no transceive on CW, no SSB, contesting years.  (I 
> remember, I was there).  Solving that would truly open-up DXpeditions to 
> the Caribbean Islands and re-ignite JA and middle east Asia enthusiasm. 
> (Shame on me to actually suggest something that might be a plus to contest 
> activity and real DXing, rather than having to rely on someone else to 
> find your DX for you and copy their call for you.)
> Another way to go back to real men operating skills, let's convert  these 
> contests into the NA SPRINT format -- for 48 hours.  You call CQ, you give 
> up your frequency and QSY at least 5 kcs. before the next CQ.   I don't 
> think packet, skimmer and RBN crutches will do too well in that format and 
> if the goal here is solely to eliminate packet cheaters, umm, I think that 
> might work.   Anyone here ready to MAN-UP for something like this?
> So very sadly, today's Generation X has no clue on how to operate, and it 
> shows.  Oh boy, skimmer.  Let's see how good ZD8LID really  is:  we will 
> all be S-5 and zero beat on his signal.  Good luck on getting ZD8LID 
> active in your next contest.  But hey, look at all the new "operators" 
> we've brought into contesting.  Oh boy..............
> Sadly, what my classmate @ NYU opined fifty years ago:  "If you don't have 
> enough on the ball, get a smaller ball" has become the reality.
> Vy 73,
> Jim Neiger  N6TJ  ZD8LID
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> From: K1AR at aol.com
> Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 2:05 PM
> To: cq-contest at contesting.com
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQWW Survey
> To members of the Bruised Egos & Assisted Sucks Club,
> A few facts:
> 1) The distribution of the CQWW survey did not include a devious strategy
> to exclude you. Randy used the WW email list from his received logs
> database.  Advice: Stop whining, get over yourself, take a breath and just 
> answer
> the  #$*&%% survey if it still bothers you. Many, many thousands have been
> received so far. This channel feels like the Geritol Net at times. Any 
> other
> check-ins? Call now...
> 2) It is a major leap of faith to assume a rules decision has already been
> made because someone asks a question in a single survey. After taking the
> recommended breath above, please take another one.
> W2LC mentioned that very few new contesters read this site. Frankly, I
> don't blame them based on what I've been reading of late. It's just a 
> concept,
> but how about posting some useful information about contesting  -- maybe
> just once in a while?
> 73, John, K1AR
> Your friendly co-moderator
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