[CQ-Contest] Golden Goose - I just had to smile

Luc Moreira py8azt at dxbrasil.net
Wed Mar 20 08:42:19 EDT 2013

So, let's survey roll on! Asking doesn't hurt.

Assisted and UnAssisted will be separated for years ahead just because
we need contest with different rules. If all of them were the same,
there is no joy to turn on the radio every weekend.

I wish there were a contest everyday - not only weekends. So, most of
disgusting discussion wouldn't happen 'cos some of
no-sense-complainers would be running SOAB UN-Assisted off line.

73, Luc
PW7T Team member
WRTC.2006 Brazilian Referee
WRTC.2010 Brazilian Team Leader
PY8AZT (also PT7AG, R37U, ZY7C, PX8C, ZZ8Z)
LABRE, ARRL, CWJF & Fortaleza DX Group Member

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