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Tue Mar 19 14:01:31 EDT 2013

I have not read CQ-Contest in a while, so while I'm home with the flu, I did some catching up.

Here is an old joke.  Please take the joke as an analogy and not as anti-religious.

An old woman, who lives alone, finds that the weather has turned and that there is a huge rain 
storm closing in.  

Soon the water around her house is ankle-deep.  Then a jeep drives up with the local police 
and they say, "It's going to be a major flood...get in."  

The woman declines and says, "No, god will provide."

After several more hours, the water is now waist-deep and filling her house with water.  Then
a motor boat stops by, manned by the State Police.  They say, "Lady, get into the boat so
we can save you!"  

The woman declines and says, "No, god will provide."

It keeps raining...hard.

The house is now flooded and the woman has climbed onto the roof of her house.  Then,
a National Guard helicopter flies over and the Guards yell down, "Lady, get into the rescue
cage or you're doing to die."

The woman declines and says, "No, god will provide."

Soon the water is over her head and she drowns.

Walking through St. Peter's gate, she sees god.  She is confused and says, "Why did you
let me die?

God says, "I sent you a jeep, a boat, and then a helicopter.  What more did you want?

"So...where the analogy?

The CQ Survey was sent to 10,000 entrants.  If you submitted a log of decent size, the
survey was pushed out to you.

The CQ Survey announcement (and link) was posted on the CQ-Contest reflector.

The CQ Survey announcement (and link) is posted on the CQWW.com page (under BLOG).

[And no, I am not equating CQ with god.]

Seems sufficient to me....clearly not to others.

Finally, (end of analogy), this is a SURVEY, not a VOTE.  I did not read anywhere that
the "results" would be binding.  Further, is the sky falling?  The survey is open until the end
of the month.  Why are some assuming that they know the result, even before the survey is
closed?  I'd like some of that a-priori knowledge, please.

Just relax.

de Doug KR2Q

One more thing...please review this post from January

Then read this, which was sent in reply

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