[CQ-Contest] SDR Generation

Alexander Teimurazov at at at-communication.com
Sat Mar 23 10:38:55 EDT 2013



 I think first mistake was when contest community is allow to delete SOAB
category simply by replacing it by SO2R category 

 People cant now organize dx pedition with hope to win because simply they
need 2 radio 2 amplifier lot of ants etc 

Thats one of the reason activity is drop down from semi rare country 

CT1BOH is allways operating like guest operator from one of the contest
station and propably simply he cant build his own one and this situation we
have to 

 clearly he will support others as well who cant do it but we see opposite

 If they telling us that they not respect majority and majority today is in
SOAB non Assisted category why then they entering that category?

 CT1BOH and other supporters need to be allways assisted but in reality we
see opposite 

Like Brian 5B4AIZ well say " It is a fallacy that all ops in the 'Paper Log'
generation wish to halt progress. What we do wish is to have CHOICE. " 

 SDR generation have choice they can go to assisted category why they want
to delete SOAB category then?

                        73             Al 4L5A


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