[CQ-Contest] How many hours do SOAB entrants actually operate?

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Sun Mar 31 22:55:54 EDT 2013

I'm not saying that a full 48 hour effort isn't fun and challenging for 
some, but catering ONLY to the less than 1% who fall into that category 
seems misdirected to me.  What I don't understand is why the categories 
shouldn't be able accommodate both.  I used to do a lot of 
semi-competitive cycling and many events had different categories for 
different distances ... 25 miles, 50 miles, and 100 miles all at the 
same time.  It seems to me we could rather easily do the same here.

Dave   AB7E

On 3/31/2013 3:38 PM, Cqtestk4xs at aol.com wrote:
> People run in marathons and hate the last part of the run.  However,  they
> do it for the same reasons I and some of the other "iron butts" do a full
> 48 or close to it.  It's a challenge.... a rare combination of skill and
> endurance.  Skill is the sprint, endurance is the marathon.  The CQWW  and the
> ARRLDX are a beautiful combo of the two.
> Marathons are not for everyone and either is being an "iron  butt".  But,
> it is a great feeling to still do it at 66 years of  age.
> Bill K4XS/KH7XS

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