[CQ-Contest] 3830 Viewer for iPhone

Kazunori Watanabe jk3gad at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Oct 18 06:54:30 EDT 2013

For iPhone users, 

I created 3830 Viewer for iPhone, available for free download. 
Here is how it works. 
After launching app, it shows list of contest. For your convenience, index is on right hand side, 
similar to your contact app, to easily jump your favourite contest. 
Once you choose contest, app shows you which year's events are available for viewing. 
After this screen, you can see score summary, grouped by category, with index for easy navigation. 
Next screen shows details of score, you may need to scroll a bit as this is actually web page. 
I wish everyone enjoys it!


Thanks to N7WA for coding tips and hints.

73 Kazu

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