[CQ-Contest] WRTC-2014 Selection Areas

Edward Sawyer SawyerEd at Earthlink.net
Mon Oct 21 09:02:51 EDT 2013


Congratulations to all the competitors chosen - by competition or team
leader selection.


Personally, I have never felt the selection criteria vs the actual
competition has ever made sense (and have voiced the opinion numerous
times).  The concept that the actual competition differs so greatly from the
selection criteria and the fact that 50% of the participants didn't even
qualify but were picked after the fact just has never made sense to me.  And
now with the rules of competition moving to a true MULTI - TWO format, each
competitor really is fully engaged in the competition and no longer
"assisting" the team captain (especially going back to the pre-2010 WRTCs).
Its essentially now 118 people competing with only a little less than half
having earned the right and the other half knowing the right person.  Not to
mention the fact that the actual representation of M2 or good forbid - low
power is not even given full credit when qualifying but is then represents
the actual competing conditions when competing.


I believe that the next one, would do well to eliminate the teams and have
each competitor earning the right to compete.  I also think that the
decision of how they compete should become a category of qualification and
that should be at least equal to any other qualifying score.  After all,
should those that demonstrate the most proficiency in the actual intended
competition criteria be given the highest, or at least equal, qualifying
points?  Should the Boston Marathon count extra qualifying for 10k runs vs
actual marathon times?


With technology advancing, it would be not too difficult to have 100 people
all operating individually.  Make a number of remote receivers available to
all participants so that no one is jamming by being too close to each other
and then you could much more densely pack the tents and transmit antennas.
Have it all SOAB. If low power is chosen as the competition medium, then
make low power a 100% qualifying score.  If some other power level is
chosen, then that category should be the criteria.


Lastly, I commend the attempt to make the competition areas smaller but
honestly I think they became too small on this one.  If we are going to
assign JA one slot because of declining contest participation, then it
should not matter what the ancient FCC call areas represent as far as
contesting population is concerned.  




Ed  N1UR

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