[CQ-Contest] Ethics of operating overtime in SS

Art Boyars artboyars at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 16:58:29 EDT 2013

I vaguely recall a mention here of one aspect of KH6IJ's (SK)
gentlemanliness:  He would keep on going in SS after he ran out of time,
just to give more people the multiplier.

I was thinking about that because the Mighty VE4EA Multi-Op Low Power
operation might have a little time left at the end.  (We're not going to
start until about 01Z, and with only two hours available for time off
we MIGHT just go 24 straight.)  In any case, if there is still a pile of
callers when we run out of time, is it ethical to keep going, just to give
them the MB mult?

What could be wrong with it?  Well, maybe you should have to work people
only during the time they are eligible -- sort of like not working people
before or after the contest.  Maybe part of the competition is
that you have to be skillful enough to work the mult during his allotted 24

Any thoughtful opinions out there?

(Notice that I am typing this during CQWW SSB. Paraphrasing K5ZD (again),
"If you are writing e-mails, you are not winning the contest."  Ah!  I knew
there was a reason!)

73, Art K3KU
Holder of Low Score Record for Summer Stew

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