[CQ-Contest] New Technology vs. Traditional Skills

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Mon Oct 28 09:29:40 EDT 2013

Here is his  conclusion:

Computer automation severs the ends from the means. It makes getting what we
want easier, but it distances us from the work of knowing. As we transform
ourselves into creatures of the screen, we face an existential question:
Does our essence still lie in what we know, or are we now content to be
defined by what we want? If we don't grapple with that question ourselves,
our gadgets will be happy to answer it for us.

Nicholas Carr is the author of The Shallows and the forthcoming The Glass
Cage. His article "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" appeared in the July/August
2008 Atlantic.

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Not to jump into any of the thread-that-will-not-die on
Packet/Skimmer/Witchcraft vs. "A Boy and His Radio" (Copyright K0HB), but
you might find this long article interesting.


73, Art K3KU

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