[CQ-Contest] Ethics of operating overtime in SS

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Mon Oct 28 13:44:09 EDT 2013

Please don't submit two logs under the same callsign, each from a different
part of the contest period.  The most recent submitted log will replace all
prior logs.

Instead, include all QSOs in one log and let the log check software score
the first 24 hours.  No one is penalized for operating beyond a time limit.
The additional QSOs are not counted in your score, but they are needed to
verify the other logs.  Any QSO left out will cause a NIL in the other log.


Hans K0HB wrote:

Submit a log for the first 24 hours; then a second check log for the
remaining Q's.  Who would fault the ethics of that?

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