[CQ-Contest] Ethics of operating overtime in SS

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Mon Oct 28 09:42:42 EDT 2013

Submit a log for the first 24 hours; then a second check log for the remaining Q's.  Who would fault the ethics of that?

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 7:48 AM, Art Boyars <artboyars at gmail.com> wrote:

> I vaguely recall a mention here of one aspect of KH6IJ's (SK)
> gentlemanliness:  He would keep on going in SS after he ran out of time,
> just to give more people the multiplier.
> I was thinking about that because the Mighty VE4EA Multi-Op Low Power
> operation might have a little time left at the end.  (We're not going to
> start until about 01Z, and with only two hours available for time off
> we MIGHT just go 24 straight.)  In any case, if there is still a pile of
> callers when we run out of time, is it ethical to keep going, just to give
> them the MB mult?
> What could be wrong with it?  Well, maybe you should have to work people
> only during the time they are eligible -- sort of like not working people
> before or after the contest.  Maybe part of the competition is
> that you have to be skillful enough to work the mult during his allotted 24
> hours.
> Any thoughtful opinions out there?
> (Notice that I am typing this during CQWW SSB. Paraphrasing K5ZD (again),
> "If you are writing e-mails, you are not winning the contest."  Ah!  I knew
> there was a reason!)
> 73, Art K3KU
> Holder of Low Score Record for Summer Stew
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