[CQ-Contest] SS question

Richard Ferch ve3iay at storm.ca
Mon Oct 28 16:00:14 EDT 2013

No, I'm quite sure that's not how it works, Mike. If VY1ZZ operates for 
more than 24 hours, inadvertently or otherwise, the contacts he makes 
after his first 24 hours of operating should not count towards his own 
score, but they should still count towards someone else's score as long 
as the contact was within that someone else's own personal 24-hour period.

If W1AAA and W1BBB both work VY1ZZ legitimately, each within their own 
24-hour period, why should either one of them be penalized just because 
VY1ZZ happened to exceed his own 24-hour limit in between the two QSOs? 
Neither of them has any way of knowing that; as far as they are 
concerned, both contacts were valid contacts made in good faith. VY1ZZ 
is not allowed to count any beyond his first 24 hours' worth of 
operating towards his own contest score, but that shouldn't be a reason 
for penalizing anyone else.

And BTW, in response to Kelly's comment, there is no question here of 
someone claiming their best 24 hours - as Ed W0YK explained, only 
contacts within the first 24 hours will be counted, regardless of 
whether they are your best or worst 24 hours. After all, you have the 
legal right to operate as you please (within regulatory limits, of 
course) during the entire duration of the contest; the contest 
organizers cannot take that right away from you. All they can really do 
is refuse to give you contest score credit, either by not counting your 
excess QSOs or by DQing you entirely. But whatever they do, it should 
not be done in such a way as to penalize innocent third parties.

Rich VE3KI

W0MU said:

> I would hate to find out that Station W1AAA lost to W1BBB because W1BBB
 > worked VY1ZZ after VY1ZZ's 24 hours were up.

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