[CQ-Contest] SS Overtime Operation

Chris Plumblee chris.plumblee at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 16:35:40 EDT 2013

I can testify firsthand what is done to entries that exceed 24 hours of
operation in SS.

The qsos made after the 24 hours (actually 1440 minutes) are up are removed
from the final score calculation with no penalty. Those qsos should be left
in the log for log checking purposes, of course.

It's possible to inadvertently exceed the operating time limit in SS
because of how off time is calculated. Sometimes a fatigued single op makes
a bad decision and resumes operating after 29 clock minutes rather than 30.
Sometimes the late shift at a multi op doesn't understand how much off time
they have to take by the end of the contest.

In both cases, the correct thing to do is to count the first 24 hours of
operating time using the published rules, and disallow any qsos and mults
worked after the maximum number of "on" minutes have been exceeded.

I don't see that we're crossing the rubicon to say that a station in a rare
section could knowingly exceed their op time to give the mult to other
stations within the rules. It could get touchy if the rare station went S&P
to work only club members during their "extra" time. However, it's
impossible to legislate intent, and there's nothing to prevent me from
going to VE4 or VY1 and working only my friends via S&P for the entire
contest. If we don't ban one practice, I fail to see how we can ban the

I look forward to having a relatively easier time working VE4 next weekend,
and wi hope for equally good luck finding KL7, VY1, KP4, ONN, and whatever
other sections always elude you in SS CW.

73, Chris WF3C

Chris Plumblee

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