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Jeff Blaine jeff at ac0c.com
Sun Sep 1 02:40:07 EDT 2013

You are right - it's the job of the RX station to get it right. 
Fortunately, few are going to lose sleep if they don't have KB3LIX in their 

Why?  there are tons of hams in your area - and they are active.  On the 
other hand, working HS from the US does not happen often - especially from 
the black hole of the midwest.  And you can bet that while guys here and in 
UE may be somewhat caviler about double checking a 3-prefix from the US, you 
can bet they are going to be a lot more careful with an HS.

Which is why Charles probably feels the way he does about it.  If a guy gets 
an HS on the line, you would think he would take very good care to get that 
blasted call sign and the other details nailed down.  I know I would!

>From the DX black hole of Kansas...


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If I do not get a solid acknowledgement from another station in a contest,
I DELETE the ENTRY in my logging program.
Of course, I am NOT a big time contester, just a small fish,
but I figure if they are in too much of a rush to skip the confirmation,
they DESERVE the NIL...Not me.

I am sure most will say I am FOS, but too bad.
That is my way of doing things.

bill   KB3LIX

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Looking at my log check report, those NILs hurt because they are NOT MY
MISTAKE but the other operators' and so many ops will not stay around to
see if all of the exchange is correct.  With that situation, I don't feel
punished for THEIR mistakes, yet I am.  BTW, I don't know how to remedy

I am very proud that only 8 of my over thousand contacts missed my call
sign...... I have been practicing saying it gud and it takes a bit more
time, but in that category of error, I am doing ok.

Like automobile driving, excessive speed is the greatest cause of errors.


Charly, HS0ZCW
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