[CQ-Contest] NILs hurt

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I consider an acknowledgement to be a:

Got it

Something along those lines. CERTAINLY nothing fancy,
just a reply that they got the exchange. Frankly, I do NOT want
them to repeat MY exchange, that wastes too much time, mine and theirs.

Many times I will try to ask IF they got the exchange, and most if not
all times they just keep slugging away.

Understand, I am not a biggie.
100w, a 4BTV & a homemade 130' doublet, so I do not 
have a "big mouth" and when I ask for a confirmation, I am often
drowned out by the cacophony of other callers.

I have lost quite a few multipliers due to my impatience or
stubbornness or whatever it is and that HURTS, but I cannot in good consience
count Q's that I do not consider complete.

bill   73   KB3LIX

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What do you consider an acknowledgement?  Many stations, including myself, 
running at a high rate, just give a quick TU, thanks or just say their 
callsign looking for the next contact. I never repeat your exchange. If I 
did not copy it I would ask for a repeat.

John P40A

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If I do not get a solid acknowledgement from another station in a contest,
I DELETE the ENTRY in my logging program.
Of course, I am NOT a big time contester, just a small fish,
but I figure if they are in too much of a rush to skip the confirmation,
they DESERVE the NIL...Not me.

I am sure most will say I am FOS, but too bad.
That is my way of doing things.

bill   KB3LIX 

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