[CQ-Contest] NILs hurt

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I think it is a very poor practice to receive a report, send your report and 
then removed the station from your log unless you have a good reason to 
believe that the station did not log you.  There should be something in the 
rules prohibiting this practice.  Most stations will ask you to repeat the 
report and work hard to copy it correctly before moving on to the next 
station.  If the station just sends his callsign, QRZ,  dit dit, etc, that 
may be his way of acknowledging the contact and moving on to the next 
caller.  Listen to the operator's operating style before calling.

John KK9A / P40A

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I consider an acknowledgement to be a:

Got it

Something along those lines. CERTAINLY nothing fancy,
just a reply that they got the exchange. Frankly, I do NOT want
them to repeat MY exchange, that wastes too much time, mine and theirs.

Many times I will try to ask IF they got the exchange, and most if not
all times they just keep slugging away.

Understand, I am not a biggie.
100w, a 4BTV & a homemade 130' doublet, so I do not
have a "big mouth" and when I ask for a confirmation, I am often
drowned out by the cacophony of other callers.

I have lost quite a few multipliers due to my impatience or
stubbornness or whatever it is and that HURTS, but I cannot in good 
count Q's that I do not consider complete.

bill   73   KB3LIX

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What do you consider an acknowledgement?  Many stations, including myself,
running at a high rate, just give a quick TU, thanks or just say their
callsign looking for the next contact. I never repeat your exchange. If I
did not copy it I would ask for a repeat.

John P40A

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If I do not get a solid acknowledgement from another station in a contest,
I DELETE the ENTRY in my logging program.
Of course, I am NOT a big time contester, just a small fish,
but I figure if they are in too much of a rush to skip the confirmation,
they DESERVE the NIL...Not me.

I am sure most will say I am FOS, but too bad.
That is my way of doing things.

bill   KB3LIX

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