[CQ-Contest] NILs hurt

Dale Putnam daleputnam at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 4 17:47:59 EDT 2013

That's the one that I adore... BECAUSE: if I don't have him in the log... there is a large possiblity that he isn't in any WY log... AND that would then penalize him for a mult, and a Q.. and possibly to many nils too. Gee.. that would be a rather heavy cost for spending such an inordinate amount of time that it would take to make sure that I have him in MY log.. correctly!  Another one is those stations that like to save their valuable time by shifting speed in the middle of an exchange.. under poor copy.. that is a guarantee for a missed Q.. especially when going back to insure correctness, I get slapped with a QB4 sri.  I know, I know.. he is in the zone.. unfortunately.. not in my zone/log.  And when I speed up to match his speed he can't copy... gee now there is a real quandry.Do I slow down for his "copy" speed... half of what he is sending.. or do I resend the exchange at the same too fast for him to copy speed, even thohe continues to ask for fills at too fast a rate for him to copy... OR.. do I go faster... just to insure I match his sending speed... because that is what courteous ops do.. match the sending speed.  OH.. decisions.. decisions... what is a fellow to do?

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> Hearing QSO B4 is so annoying when calling a station that is not in your
> log. It happens to me almost every contest. I work the dupes that call me!


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