[CQ-Contest] NILs hurt

Ktfrog007 at aol.com Ktfrog007 at aol.com
Wed Sep 4 22:50:43 EDT 2013

Well, I argue with them and won't let go till they work me or  absolutely 
refuse to.  Usually they work me "again" to get rid of me.   I'm a small 
signal station and S&P is my bread & butter and I need every  QSO I can scrounge 
up.  My rate is never so great that I can't take a bit  of time to duke it 
out.  In any case, they're wasting more of their own  precious time than 
A surprising number of contesters truly don't know about the  modern 
approach to dupes, which is leave 'em in - the computers will catch them  and 
there's no penalty as compared to the old paper logging days when dupe  checking 
was an ordeal.  These folks aren't idiots, they're just behind the  times 
and need their consciousness raised.
Kermit (Ken) AB1J
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w2up at comcast.net writes:

Whenever  I hear "QSO B4," I just think "what an idiot" and move on.
Barry  W2UP

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