[CQ-Contest] Contester training for the season

Jukka Klemola jpklemola at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 11:38:14 EDT 2013

I have been practicing tower climbing.
I have measured heart rates exceeding 160 before I start to feel I should
slow down.

My training program has been to climb minimum 60m (200ft) per day at my
home for the past two-three weeks, four or five days a week.
I carry the safety harness and some tools with me to increase the power out
through proper load setting.

It is just about a complete opposite to sitting in front of the radio.
Being a little fit helps with sitting in front of the radio.

How do others train the for the upcoming CQWW contests?
Jogging? Gym?

Jukka OH6LI

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