[CQ-Contest] CQWW 1500 W output ... stop the limit :)

George Fremin III geoiii at kkn.net
Thu Sep 12 11:24:09 EDT 2013

On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 06:25:33AM +0200, Zrinko Zibert wrote:
> So, really to say, how many top 10 stations on each part of the World,
> Multi/* use anything less than OM2500 :-)?

In my mind this is one of the problems.

Because we do this contesting thing out of sight in our own rooms,
homes, stations - what each of us is running is often left to the
imagination of others.

When the contest happens it is easy to say:

- That station has a huge signal he must be running 20 KW or more.

- That station has a score that is double mine - he clearly is 
  cheating in some way.  

And I am sure that in some cases this is true. 

Sometimes the result is that those that think these things go on to
cheat or run high power or do whatever it is they 'think' the others
are surely doing - and then it does become reality - people are
cheating and running high power.

But I know having operated from a few places and having done well in
some contests over the years that in my experience it is not huge amps
that make the stations I have operated from loud.  It is not running
more than 100 watts in the NAQP that produced those winning scores.
It is not cheating with DX spotting or the RBN that made for those
huge multiplier totals.

It is great radio locations, well designed antennas, great operating
or just plain luck with having great radio conditions on a given
weekend.  Often it is all of these things.

So, are there people that do cheat?  


But if you - yes *you* - are cheating and your rational for doing it
is because "everyone else is cheating" then you should take a long
hard look at that statement, at yourself.

Why do people want to win radio contests?

Is it the big prize money?
To get the girls?
To win the lavish prizes?

As far as I can tell there are really only a few things that you can
really get out of winning / or doing well in radio contests.

- Self satisfaction of doing something well - self challenge.

If that is the case - are you proving much to yourself if you cheat?
Does it really make you feel good about the win?  I guess it might if
you are trying to win the cheating game. 

- Respect and acknowledgment from your peers. 

Getting caught cheating will surely destroy any respect from others in
this game. And I suspect that it will take a lot to ever get it back
once you are marked as a cheater. Your scores and results will forever
be suspect by many if not all of your fellow competitors.

If you are cheating, think about it, what is your motivation?
What is your rational? 

I can list a long list of callsigns of people that do well or even win
radio contests on a regular basis that I know do not cheat.

In the next radio contest - follow the rules - you might be surprised
at your results.  You might even feel better about yourself and your

George Fremin III - K5TR
geoiii at kkn.net

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