[CQ-Contest] CQWW 1500 W output ... stop the limit :)

Kostas SV1DPI sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Thu Sep 12 17:15:20 EDT 2013

Are we serious enough?
Someone (PW7T) reported here that he sent an email to Contest director 
and told him that LR9D was cheating and told it himself in an email.
Randy the most of us know and believe in what you say. This is why we 
try to play honestly. The main problem for me is not that LR9D was 
cheating. Finally, maybe he didn't know the rules!!!
*But Contest director and possibly contest committee were cheating all 
of us with fake results when they ignored pw7t email *! Except all these 
are lies.... Sorry but I am very disappointed that I play a game where 
not only the contesters cheat (I knew it) but the worst of all: Judges 
don't punish them.. I don't want to blame anyone but am I thinking with 
a wrong way?
73 Kostas SV1DPI

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